Scars of Dracula - C61 - restored

Scars of Dracula - C61 - restored
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Dracula (Christopher Lee) plays host to his two unexpected guests, Sarah (Jenny Hanley) and Simon (Dennis Waterman). Scars of Dracula. Hammer Films, 1970.
Cast Christopher Lee, Dennis Waterman, Jenny Hanley, Christopher Matthews, Patrick Troughton, Michael Gwynn, Michael Ripper, Wendy Hamilton, Anouska Hempel, Delia Lindsay, Bob Todd, Toke Townley, David Leland, Richard Durden, Morris Bush
Directed by Roy Ward Baker
Written by Anthony Hinds (as John Elder)
Produced by Aida Young
Director of Photography Moray Grant
Soundtrack James Bernard
Production Design Scott MacGregor
Editor James Needs
Production Company Hammer Film Productions
Year of Release 1970
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