Diabolique Magazine Issue No. 13 (Nov/Dec, 2012)

Issue No. 13 (Nov/Dec, 2012)

Issue No. 13 (Nov/Dec, 2012)
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Celebrate Christmas with Diabolique Magazine!

Inside this issue:

  • THE TWILIGHT OF THE GHOULS - Kristen Micek examines how far vampires have fallen with the Twilight series
  • CONVICTIONS - Short fiction by award winning author Michael A. Arnzen, reprinted with permission from his collection 100 Jolts
  • ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY - Chris Hallock talks with Christopher Pike about his new book, and about the increased acceptance of horror stories for young people
  • FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT - SpringWolf reveals the many incarnations of the character destined to become Santa
  • 'TIS THE SEASON TO EVISCERATE - David Calbert on Santa's wayward career in horror films
  • PURVEYORS OF SCHLOCK - Brandon Kosters tunes in to the valuable public service performed by our favorite TV horror hosts
  • TOYS OF TERROR - Brandon Kosters provides a glimpse at deadly dolls in cinema and TV history
  • HORROR INK - Scott Feinblatt looks at horror tattoos and speaks with the artists who create them
  • DAY OF THE WOMAN - Michele Galgana interviews Shannon Lark about the Viscera Film Festival, a horror fest highlighting women filmmakers
  • WHERE IS CHRIS MARKER NOW...? - David Kleiler's retrospective of La Jetée, the late experimental filmmaker's project which inspired Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys
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