Curse of Frankenstein - F-X2

Curse of Frankenstein - F-X2
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The premiere of Hammer's 'The Curse of Frankenstein,' Thursday May 2, 1957, at the Warner Theatre, Leicester Square. James Carreras (Hammer's Managing Director) has his hands around Peter Cushing's throat, as William Hinds (one of the founders of Hammer Film Productions) makes a face for the camera. Hammer Films, 1957.
Cast Peter Cushing, Hazel Court, Robert Urquhart, Christopher Lee, Melvyn Hayes, Valerie Gaunt, Paul Hardtmuth, Noel Hood, Fred Johnson, Claude Kingston, Alex Gallier, Michael Mulcaster, Andrew Leigh, Anne Blake, Sally Walsh
Directed by Terence Fisher
Written by Jimmy Sangster
Produced by Michael Carreras, Anthony Hinds, Anthony Nelson Keys, Max Rosenberg
Director of Photography Jack Asher
Soundtrack James Bernard
Production Design Bernard Robinson
Editor James Needs
Production Company Hammer Film Productions
Year of Release 1957
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